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CoVid-19 -The Ultimatum Envelope Sent to Homo Sapiens

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

~ K. G. Jung

On the planet we live in, we are together with billions of species, all from cells to whales.

The human lineage, Homo Sapiens with its scientific name, has differentiated from other primate groups, possibly destroying other less aggressive human species that coexisted on the earth, and has become the dominant species on Earth.

As we move away from nature, personal satisfaction and social acceptance have connected to consumption and with the inevitable use of these motivations by the industrial revolution the world  has entered a serious transformation.

Today, although a "awakening" is seen partly, the general situation in "dominant culture" includes more or less of the following paradigms:

  • Human is the only perfect being in the world / universe.
  • It is the only conscious being.
  • It is the only being that has soul on Earth and in the known universe, which is a reason for its superiority.
  • Everything in the world / universe belongs to humanity, can be used without hesitation
  • Human beings are not responsible for other living things in the world / universe, other living beings are here only for the needs of human beings.
  • The above features, rights and powers were given by the God to humanbeings.
  • The resources of the planet and even of the universe can be used with worst results for more comfort or income.
  • Existing people aim for immortality if possible, do not care to protect the planet for generations to come after them
  • Humanbeings even considers each other a rival to reach more comfort and selfish satisfaction.
  • Diseases caused by excessive comfort that do not comply with human physiology, are treated/managed with methods of a very superficial approach that will only create comfort-generating income for some people.
  • The world is divided into countries, and instead of serving for common interests, these states basically only think of their own interests (in fact which is for the good of a minority of the country's population), for example the formation of a country-size garbage island in the oceans is ignored unless it threatens their own borders or the fact that nuclear leaks do not threaten their own country makes them silent.
  • Everyday 150-200 species disappear from the earth, eyes are closed
  • Thousands of times the financial resources that will correct all the hunger, diseases, and environmental pollution on the planet are devoted to the most brutal destruction methods of their own brothers.

As seen, we are not in a lovely situation.

Could there be alternative ideas and ways to the paradigms listed above or are these necessarily evlolved and settled like a law of nature? This subject has attracted many scientists and thinkers and some ideas have been developed.

I need to get into the subject by addressing the consciousness-universe relationship.

Human "consciousness", where we do not know where it is located scientifically, seems to have its own sharp limits. That is, another mammalian species or lower level species's (like a insect or bacteria) consciousness does not overlap substantially with the consciousness of another . We cannot hear as they hear, we cannot see what they see, we cannot "think" like them. This limitation may exist in many living things on our planet, perhaps in all living things. In other words, at the level of individual living things, no consciousness crosses each other, there is a strong "structural border" between them.

But is our consciousness completely limited and alone? If we deepen the subject a bit, we can easily see a common area with others in our consciousness. For example, the human race can go to wars knowing that they will die, under the influence of a deep collective unconsciousness. Or with a more superficial connection, a friend who passes through our mind, opens the door at that moment or radio may play the song that we were singing silently a few minutes ago.

The last two examples attracted the attention of Sigmund Freud and his student K. Gustav Jung. Freud called this situation, which could not be explained by scientific methods, as synchronicity and provided the records of the cases he experienced in the literature.

Jung, on the other hand, by crossing the borders of the human subconscious, thought that synchronicity is the presentation of another deeper consciousness structure, in which human consciousness is also integrated, and named that area as the collective unconscious.

There are human unconscious in the examples we provide, but sometimes we imagine a butterfly and it suddenly appear before us. What about the combination of wind and countless conditions that bring the butterfly in front of us? ... Is this the product of other consciousness (s)?...  I think we should be grateful to the "tin"s of the trees, wind, the mountains, as our shaman ancestors did ... ( upon the ancient shamanic belief of the central Asia, a "tin" is the consciouness of any living or inanimate thing.)

What shall we say about the love that is expressed under certain conditions even to other species (biophilia), what is the source of this feeling, where is it coming from?

As a hypothesis, can we say that our planet, and perhaps the entire universe, are filled of consciousnesses? I think yes ... Actually, in the past cultures, these consciousnesses (archetypes) were percieved as gods/goddesses . For example, the "Umay Ana" in our ancient Turkic culture is called Gaia today, the consciousness of nature ...

Now, let's bring the issue to the epidemic we are enduring. The virus that caused this outbreak is a recent example of Corona viruses. This virus has an interesting feature, the protein that allows it to attach to a cell (called spike protein) only fits the ACE2 receptor in the important organs of the human lung, heart, kidney, veins. In other words, as far as we know, this virus does not cause any disease in other animals, but when it is transmitted to humans, it goes directly to the cells of these organs and sticks.

It is difficult to call viruses alive, they do not have any signs of vitality. Usually they are prions (a RNA molecule for Corona virus) placed in an protein/lipid envelope, the address on the envelope is the receptor formed by the ACE2 enzymes on the cell surface of some human cells. The special spike proteins on the virus envelop connects tohuman ACE2 receptor and the information carrying prion is taken into the cell, and according to the information it contains the process -we define as pathologic- begins in the cell , which we can call homeostatic process here.

Considering the evolutionary theory, yes, a molecule of one of the quadrillion versions of this virus may have formed to fit the receptors of receptors of the certain important human cells. However, there is a problem here, this model does not make any development that will benefit the evolutionary of the virus, as the virus continues to cycle freely in bats and some other creatures without killing it's host, and it would be expected to evolve in those comfortable areas according to natural selection... Maybe it is more clever to see viruses as an instrument used in evolution, rather than evolution aimed at.
We started to exist in areas where we should not be in nature ... we entered tropical forests, dive deper and deeper into the oceans, pollute the air. Our cruelty to animals is incredible ... Diseases like Ebola, HIV, SARS and now Covid-19i are they results of our own actions?

Shall we expect that humanity's actions will have no consequences or even not to think a second about what we do, is this the result of blindness in the consciousness of the human race?

Couldn't the CoVid-19 virus that targets human race be a messenger of other higher consciousnesses in the collective consciousness? ...

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes
~ C. G. Jung

Even if we are blind, we have received the "ultimatum in the envelope" from the collective conscious, which aims to limit our "selfishness" and that all other beings stays in harmony.
A tiny virus destroyed our vanity, which covered the universe. Our economic systems are about to halt ...

It is only a matter of time before the homo sapiens is erased from Earth, and it will be an insignificant event on a universal even on a planetary scale. Either we will develop collective areas in our consciousness and live in "heaven" as part of the universal field of love, or we will be wiped away ....

with love...

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